A gift from The Goose Is Out!

When the Physic Garden was still only a twinkle in the eye of Heather Burrell, she was approached by Sue Whitehead of The Goose Is Out! offering to programme an entire Sunday afternoon of folk music to raise money for the garden. Monica McSherry at Healthmatters and the musician and youth worker Davide Nayugohora also pledged time and their entrepreneurial skills in setting it up and selling tickets for a gig at the Hamlets Football Club on 22 January 2012. It was a fantastically generous act. Everyone who took part, offered raffle prizes, advertised the event and performed that day gave their services for free. Check out the line up on the poster!

Later, undeterred by pouring rain in September, the John McLean Band returned with a caravan to play at a barbecue we held in the newly finished Dulwich Hospital Physic Garden.