News on the Charter School East Dulwich development

On 10 Nov we met the new Head of Charter School East Dulwich, Alex Crossman, whose first 120 students will arrive on site in Sept 2016 using an entrance in Jarvis Road, prompting lively debate over how much traffic and footfall this will create for Melbourne Grove in the first three years. While the school wishes to minimize traffic entering its grounds, it must offer disabled access. Once the school is fully functioning in 2019, its main entrance will probably be at the old hospital’s central ‘chateau’ or via the proposed Sports Centre in East Dulwich Grove.


Since our meeting, Charter School has announced that the temporary site will no longer be on the hospital site. It will be housed in the former Lewisham and Southwark College campus on Southampton Way, SE5 7EW. Information about the new temporary site

The full capacity of Charter School (ED) is 1680 students from households within 700 metres of the school gates. That is OUR LOCAL TEENAGERS!

New school buildings are planned for the long North (railway line) edge of the site, rising to 5 storeys – the design brief has just gone out to tender – and a sports centre/community facility is planned at the west end of the Hospital site where the boarded up grey Nurses Homes are about to be demolished.

Alexander Howard (Melbourne Gove) asked if Charter (ED) was committed to environmental impact reduction and carbon-free initiatives in construction and services. Alex Crossman responded that the Education Funding Agency has strict funding rules which do not give much leeway for imaginative solutions such as may be needed, for example, to restore those parts of the old Hospital that are to be kept.