Perhaps you know the London Wildlife Trust’s garden in Marsden Road, Peckham, only a hundred metres west of Grove Vale? Part of a network of forty nature reserves across London, they are committed to ensuring that urban dwellers have access to places where thriving ecology is on show.

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In their gardens and little wildernesses (as at Camley Park, Kings Cross Basin) the young are introduced to natural and improvised habitats of bugs, bees, birds and small beasts of the hedgerow and pond. The less young visitor will learn how you can strike a balance between groomed and wild in a London garden using native species of trees, grasses, flowers and edible plants, encouraging a diversity of pollinating insects and other creatures to move in.

In 2011 we held our summer barbecue under canvas at the Wildlife Trust’s garden on one of their Open Days and met the staff, enthusiastic volunteers of the LWT and local beekeepers selling beeswax candles and East Dulwich honey.