A family house

Emily May Portwine of Elsie Road

  At 40 Elsie Road, the house has remained in the same family for four generations, starting with the Nuttings whose maid had the attic room. Their son Walter married Emily May Portwine. She became engaged to him on her eighteenth birthday, and was photographed outside the French windows at the rear of the house […]

A gift from The Goose Is Out!

The Goose Is Out! logo

When the Physic Garden was still only a twinkle in the eye of Heather Burrell, she was approached by Sue Whitehead of The Goose Is Out! offering to programme an entire Sunday afternoon of folk music to raise money for the garden. Monica McSherry at Healthmatters and the musician and youth worker Davide Nayugohora also […]

James’s cakes

The very first event organised by the newly formed Vale Residents’Association was a Nearly Summer Party in September 2007. A ‘life laundry’ table top sale was a part of the event. James who was nine at the time got his mum to ask if he could sell some cakes that he had baked. It was […]

Streets we live in

Ram’s head knocker

The Ordnance Survey Map of 1868 shows fields and a brook to the east of what was first called Champion Hill Station, the area where we now live. From 1874 onwards the streets were laid out by a speculative builder, Mr E J Bailey, beginning with Derwent Grove and Oxford and Cambridge Villas, now Elsie […]

The House of Dreams Museum in Melbourne Grove

House of Dreams museum, Melbourne Grove

Have you ever wondered who owns the blue house on Melbourne Grove? Stephen Wright started making mosaics to decorate his home and tell his life story after visiting Picassiette, the house and garden of Raymond Isidore in Chartres, a lifetime’s work. Look out for when Stephen opens his house to the public. The project began […]

Two boys in Derwent Grove

There are two ends to Derwent Grove. If you live at a low number property you tend to walk onto Grove Vale, if you live at a high number house you go towards East Dulwich Grove. This can make it difficult to get to know people at ‘the other end’. When there was a street […]



Perhaps you know the London Wildlife Trust’s garden in Marsden Road, Peckham, only a hundred metres west of Grove Vale? Part of a network of forty nature reserves across London, they are committed to ensuring that urban dwellers have access to places where thriving ecology is on show. Find out more about the garden. In […]